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Elephant®Play: An Innovative Playground Equipment Manufacturer


Elephant®Play is a commercial playground equipment manufacturer of innovative and dynamic play structures. Since its inception, Elephant®Play has established itself as a premier name in the playground equipment industry, designing multi-dimensional play structures that encourage active, social, and accessible play for children of all ages. 

Elephant®Play playground equipment encourages children to engage in physical activity and social play. By designing dynamically-moving net playground equipment, Elephant®Play always keeps kids rotating, rocking, swinging, spinning, or bouncing. The movements of Elephant®Play’s innovative playground equipment, along with a focus on play value and accessibility blend to create a fun, multi-dimensional play experience for every kid on the playground. 

ActiveFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment

APE manufacture's ActiveFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment for adults! A great addition to parks, trails, or any other outdoor gathering area. Click here to visit the official ActiveFit website.

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