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ActiveFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment

APE manufacture's ActiveFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment for adults! A great addition to parks, trails, or any other outdoor gathering area. Click here to visit the official ActiveFit website.

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ActiveTurf Quick Facts


Fiber: Soft Polyethylene
Soft Nylon.
Yarn Size:
1250 / 8 PLY, 10,000 Denier.
PE -125 microns thick, combined with a 422/8 PLY monofilament nylon
Stitch Rate: 
11.5 Stitches per 3 in
Pile Height
45mm (1 3/4") PE and 40 mm (1 5/8") nylon.
Face Weight: 
71 oz, 8 year fade warranty
Primary Backing: 
8.0 oz double backing, woven polypropylene

ReinforcementFLW capped polypropylene

Secondary Backing: 20 oz Urethane

Fall Heights Availableup to 9ft

Installed Price: apx 12.00 - 17.00 per sq ft.


ActiveTurf Documents

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