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What is Engineered Wood Fiber?

It is a truly Canadian, e ngineered, impact surfaceMarket Street Park 3
composed of specially processed wood grindings,
complimented by a unique, high performance
drainage layer which provides playground
owner/operators with a cost effective, low
maintenance and impact absorbing surface for
children to play on.

Engineered Wood Fiber provides superior impact
attenuation performance available with thickness
geared to fall heights. It has be en tested by CSA &
exceeds all of the requirements of the
CAN/CSA-Z614-14 Standard for Children’s
Playspaces and Equipment.

Engineered Wood Fiber mats together to form a
consistent surface which allows for barrier free
access for wheelchairs and walkers. This product
has been tested by Detroit Testing Laboratories to
be compliant with the A.S.T.M. F1951 Standard for
Playground Surface Accessibility.

Wood Fibre Closeup LGEngineered Wood Fiber is priced below other
accessible surfaces and combined with it’s low
maintenance costs, is one of the lowest cost safety
surfaces on the market.

Engineered Wood Fiber installs easily. You may
choose to do-it-yourself, or have your system
installed by Active Playground Equipment. We can
also provide various types of retaining wall systems.

The natural wood look will enhance the aesthetic
value of your play area and will not find it ’s way into
your children’s clothing or your building carpets like
sand or pea gravel.






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