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Our decks are non-slip,  PVC coated (Poly-Vinyl Chloride).   Current technology provides excellent corrosion resistance.

We connect our climbers with a variety of decks in all shapes and sizes below to suit your budget to create your unique playground design.  

Standard Exploration deck dimensions are 48” (1200mm) x 48” (1200mm) and are installed on 5 inch round posts.  Standard Discovery deck dimensions are 40” (1016mm) x 40” (1016mm) and installed on 3.5 inch round posts. Hexagon decks are used to create unique playground designs and to meet the turnaround space required for mobile devices.  Hexagon deck dimensions are 48” (1219mm) side length x 96” (2438mm) across.

ActiveFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment

APE manufacture's ActiveFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment for adults! A great addition to parks, trails, or any other outdoor gathering area. Click here to visit the official ActiveFit website.

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