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What are “all inclusive” or “accessible playgrounds”? What type of safety surfacing are considered acceptable for these playgrounds?

An all inclusive or accessible playground includes play equipment that is suited and appropriate for any child’s ability. 

Engineered Wood Fiber, Artificial Turf and Uniflex (bonded poured in place) are all considered ADA acceptable surfaces.

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What are the benefits of a playgrounds?

Play is critical to a child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. 

Playground equipment encourages children to be active, to run, jump, slide, and climb through play and fun.  When children are participating in the same activities at a playground, they are learning how to interact with one another, share, take turns and how to be patient.     

Play items like overhead climbing apparatus provide children with the opportunity to take a risk and overcome an obstacle.  By overcoming this challenge, children achieve a feeling of accomplishment and pride.

Playgrounds allow children to play freely, use their imagination and helps embrace their creative side.

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