Yoho Playground

  • APE Cupola Roof
  • Panel Climber (36″)
  • Bedrock Climber (48”)
  • Retro Wheel W/ Mounting Bracket
  • Panel Climber (36″)
  • Triple Rail Wave Slide
  • 90 Deg. Curved Slide W/ Hood
  • Rainwheel
  • General Store Panel
CSA Age Category:18 months to 5 yrs.
Use Zone Area:792 Sq. Ft.
Use Zone Dimensions:24’ x 33’
Use Zone Perimeter:114 Ln. Ft.
CSA Fall Height:7’-6” Max.


Kluane Playground

  • 90 Deg Curved Slide W/ Hood (3′)
  • Double Wave Slide W/ Hood (4′)
  • Crawl Tunnel (24”)
  • Bedrock Climber (48”)
  • APE Cupola Roof
  • Retro Wheel W/ Mounting Bracket
  • Spin and Win Panel
  • Key Hole Panel (Letters)
  • Let’s Count Abacus Panel
  • General Store Panel Below
  • Panel Climber (48″)
  • Crawl Tunnel Hole Panel (Shapes)
CSA Age Category:18 mos. to 12 yrs.
Use Zone Area:26.9′ x 29.6
Use Zone Dimensions:796.24
Use Zone Perimeter:114.87 LN Ft
CSA Fall Height:9’-6” Max.


Wood Buffalo Playground

  • Triple Skywheel
  • Step Panel
  • Sunrise Climber
  • Ring Trek Double Offset
  • Pinnacle Climber
  • Orbiter Climber
  • Balanced Curved
  • Ravine Cable Climber
CSA Age Category:5 yrs.. to 12 yrs.
Use Zone Area:1911 Sq. Ft.
Use Zone Dimensions:49’ x 39’
Use Zone Perimeter:176 Ln. Ft.
CSA Fall Height:9’-6” Max.


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