Owners Ben and Andrew Prins have a long history of being creative. There was a solid rule of no TV in the Prins household during the boy’s childhood years. This meant the children were outside playing ALL THE TIME, and as a result, they had to be creative!

From building a zip line across the driveway; rolling down a hill in a wooden barrel (with both boys inside), to dismantling a VW bug to push each around the yard…creative play solutions are hard wired into their DNA.
In 1982, Ben Prins was the co-owner of a local fence & deck installation company serving Sarnia Lambton. Ben noticed a recurring request of many clients was for the design and installation of high quality playground equipment for their children and grandchildren.
The playground division of the business slowly grew during the 80’s before experiencing exponential growth during the early 90’s with the arrival of the first CSA playground guidelines. The introduction of these guidelines brought with them enquiries from a number of commercial clients. It became obvious, that the playground business needed to stand as an independent entity resulting in Active Playground Equipment being incorporated in 1993. In 2006, due to the strong business growth, Ben relocated the manufacturing operations to the current, larger facility in Point Edward ON with Andrew Prins acting as the General Manager.
Both Ben and Andrew are proud not only to be in the business of making playground equipment, but the business of kid-empowering, confidence-building, health-promoting, and community-strengthening!
The brothers are excited about the great team at APE and the current trends in the playground industry. Ben and Andrew look forward to continuing to providing leading edge solutions for outdoor health and play products.

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Our Mission

Our mission continues to be the creation of high quality, fun-filled products and play spaces that are both safe and durable.
Our team of professionals are ready to help you meet your needs and look forward to helping you develop your next project.
Our primary goal is to assist you in putting lasting smiles on the faces of the children in your life.